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Expertise in development, design, automation, IT solutions, software and testing

The owner-managed engineering people group combines engineering with people. 

We meet your needs when it comes to highly specialised engineering and IT projects by drawing on the experience, expertise and passion of our employees. Driven by demanding projects and challenges, we promise customised solutions that are tailor-made for you. Our service spectrum covers numerous areas from development, design and automation competencies to IT solutions, software and testing. 


A large number of development and design projects across a wide range of industries are initiated, supported and driven forward by our experts – flexibly, quickly and in a solution-oriented manner.
QM / industrial processes
  • Total Quality Management (lean, Kanban, KVP, Kaizen) 
  • Zero-defect strategy in accordance with Six Sigma
  • FMEA analysis
  • Vulnerability analysis
  • Project management
  • Process engineering for large plants 
  • Work methodology (REFA, MTM) 
  • Development/procurement of operating resources 
Development projects
  • Development using the latest 3D CAD systems 
  • Calculations, FEM, CFD 
  • FMEA analysis 
  • Tests/trials all the way to the prototype 
  • Inspiration for innovation, processes, product life cycles 
  • Technical consulting and type approval 
Design services
  • Development and 3D design in current CAD systems 
  • Production-ready 2D drawings, including tolerances, test marks, etc. 
  • Calculations, FEM, CFD 
  • FMEA analysis 
  • Tests/trials all the way to the prototype 
  • Technical consulting and type approval 
Software and Testing
  • Embedded programming
  • Development of embedded systems 
  • Control unit software 
  • Microcontroller programming 
  • Requirements engineering 
  • Software development 
  • Implementation 
  • Software testing 
  • Diagnostic technology and system integration 
Automation technology
  • Sensor technology
  • Control development / PLC programming
  • Commissioning
  • Robotics
  • Handling equipment
  • Machine networking
  • Process automation
  • Product-line planning
  • Production lines
  • High-tech strategies
  • Computerisation of production engineering
  • Big data
  • Process optimisation (flexibility, efficiency, ergonomics)
  • Intelligent factory 
  • IT-Strategien: Businessziele, Risikomanagement
  • IT-Services: ERP, Mail, Helpdesk etc.
  • Application Development: Apps, Client Server, Web-Applications
  • IT-Projektmanagement
  • IT-Consulting: Konzept, Implementierung, Bewertung
  • Expertise in ITIL und Projektmanagement
  • Consulting
  • IT Infrastrukturberatung
  • IT Environment Management
  • phasenübergreifendes Prozessmanagement
  • Hands-on-Mentalität in dynamischen IT Umfeldern
  • Automotive-Fachkompetenz
  • IT Produktberatung
  • Anforderungsanalyse (Requirements Engineering)
  • Transition Management
  • Testing
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Each level within our company is built on the competencies and specialisms of our employees.
Technical expertise

Engineering and IT are our passion, which is why you will find technical competence in all areas of our company. Our employees work on highly complex projects on behalf of our customers, advise them and provide technical solutions for their designs, or recruit the right experts to assist them. Our expertise in all areas is underpinned by extensive technical knowledge. 

Development expertise

Whether the goal is to design single components or complete systems, including the associated software and the necessary technical documentation, our Competence Centres have the necessary development expertise on call. 

Recruiting expertise

The ongoing shortage of skilled workers is affecting all sectors and is becoming increasingly severe. Finding the right experts for your projects is no easy task. Thanks to our close-knit recruiting network, we have the right experts for you even if your search via the traditional channels has proved fruitless. 

Legal expertise

Contracts for work and services or for temporary employment, technical standards and laws, work permits for foreign workers – the corresponding legal requirements are enormously complex and pose an enormous challenge for all concerned. We have the necessary know-how and the right partners to ensure that all projects are executed in full compliance with the law. 

Organisational expertise

We work with clients of all sizes, from small startups to global corporations. Our organisational expertise ensures that we can serve all our customers with solutions that are a perfect fit, despite extremely varied requirements.  

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