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Electrical engineering

As a motor for innovation, electrical engineering is of central importance for value-added networks worldwide. Diverse impulses and cross-industry development services have made the electrical industry the leading sector for digitisation – combined with a multitude of future technologies. The transformation of energy systems, which is now one of the most important issues in our society, also requires appropriate technologies and is presenting the electronics industry with new challenges. 

Thanks to our extensive, heterogeneous range of electrical engineering expertise and innovative thinking, ep's particular strengths include

  • Sensor technology
  • Control units
  • Microcontrollers 

ep provides fresh ideas for electrical engineering projects 

As the driving force behind Industry 4.0, electrical engineering is playing a key role in the digital transformation. This applies, for example, to the connection between SmartHome technologies and the simulation of intelligent energy networks. Smart-home systems have a strong impact on the energy flows in smart grids. The goal here is not only to increase comfort in private homes, but also to regulate electricity consumption efficiently – for example via smart control of heating and lighting. Experts from ep facilitate transparent, cross-sector evaluations and development of electrical engineering solutions.  

From our ep magazine
Perfectly designed valve technology: 
Ekaterina Solodova

With its electric, hydraulic and hybrid drive solutions, Moog Industrial in Böblingen ensures energy efficiency, higher productivity and lower operating costs for industry. Its product range includes servo and proportional directional control valves, two-way built-in servo valves and radial piston pumps as well as electro-hydraulic, electromechanical and electric hydrostatic drive systems, electric servomotors and servo controllers. 
Our ep magazine provides an insight into the daily work of our ep employee at Moog Industrial in the field of valve technology. 

link to article [German]

ep Magazin Ventiltechnik perfekt durchdacht
ep Magazin Ventiltechnik perfekt durchdacht

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