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As the interface between mechanics, electronics and software, the mechatronics industry develops top-class products. It is characterised by extreme diversity – more so than any other sector. The combination of high-precision designs and ground-breaking software is creating enormous opportunities in the fields of nano, micro and macro technology.  

We help our customers bring their projects to a successful conclusion – with exact measurements, visionary optoelectronics and clever designs.  

In the field of mechatronics, ep's expertise is primarily found in

  • Metrology 
  • Home-appliance manufacturing
  • Optoelectronics
  • Control-device development
  • Precision-instrument engineering 

ep is the ideal partner for functional interfaces 

Companies are not only becoming more digital, but also more networked – worldwide. The networking of all areas of the company harbours great potential and requires diverse interfaces to be set up between people, machines and software, and huge volumes of data to be processed. The increasing networking of all systems means that security must become the highest priority. Far-reaching efficiency and productivity gains are possible through properly secured networks. Our experts can help you to achieve this. 

From our ep magazine
Intelligent measurement of components

A measuring system based on optical digitisation provides incredibly precise topometric measurement results for the customer. A colleague from ep is helping to develop the complex control software for this solution. Find out more in the ep magazine.

link to article [German]

ep Magazin Bauteile intelligent vermessen topometric
ep Magazin Bauteile intelligent vermessen topometric

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