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This is more than just a task for us. We are passionate about helping our employees to plan their careers. After all, you are the expert when it comes to your chosen path – we are here to support you. 

Professional development

When you first come on board, we ask you to formulate your personal development goals with us – as a basis for your professional future at ep. We break these down as follows:



The project career – the path for communicative generalists who want to get to know each other quickly and develop their skills via various different tasks


The specialist career – intended for tinkerers who like to delve deep into specific topics, take responsibility as specialists and act as "knowledge providers"


The management career – based on expertise, persuasiveness, motivational talent and the goal of assuming staff responsibilities

technische Weiterbildung

You will make rapid, targeted progress thanks to our professional activities and plans, the ep training programme and additional measures. Via regular appraisal interviews we review your progress against your objectives and continuously manage your career.

The ep training programme is based on the targeted development of your skills and comprehensive key qualifications – in accordance with your individual needs and wishes. 

ep training catalogue 2021

Training catalogue

Within the ep training catalogue, the various opportunities are divided into competency areas:

  • Professional competence refers to directly implementable skills: technologies, use of resources and solutions to specific problems. 
  • Methodological competence includes conceptual work, analytical thinking/action as well as the ability to innovate. It is essentially about acquiring, using and presenting knowledge.  
  • High social and communicative competence makes you the perfect team player: the key pillars here are persuasiveness, cooperation and the ability to deal with conflict, as well as responsibility and empathy. 
  • We also provide training to develop the health competence of our employees – we see physical and mental health as the basis for long-term partnerships. 
  • The seminar content can be tailored to the needs of ep's employees. In consultation with the training department, you can introduce your own focal points and expectations, and also suggest ideas for upcoming seminars. 
  • The ep in-house seminars and training courses bring together participants from a wide variety of fields. And whether you're a development engineer, project manager or recruiter – exchanging ideas and training together strengthens everyone. Use this network to reach out to other ep employees and accelerate your personal development. 
  • ep training catalogue 2021

Educational credits

Your personal advancement is worth a lot to us. To finance your professional development plans, as an ep employee you will receive EUR 1,000 in educational credits per calendar year.

There are two ways to use this: you can select one or more seminars from the training catalogue or arrange individual qualifications

Individual qualifications

Reach your individual qualification goal. 

In addition to the training catalogue, ep also promotes tailored further training. This may involve complete or partial financing of a part-time study course, an individual public seminar, a visit to a trade fair, an online course or a textbook. Your individual qualification goals can thus be achieved in consultation with your ep supervisor and with the support of the training department. 

ep Mitarbeiter hält Konstruktion in den Händen
ep Mitarbeiter hält Konstruktion in den Händen

Alexander Meier, mechanical engineer, project manager for construction

Alexander Meier

Together with ep I can approach and achieve my personal professional goals step by step.

My supervisor supports me with an open ear and his own experience. The annual educational credit and the associated training courses are also a big help. 

I would like to train specifically as a project manager. With this goal in mind, I discovered an opportunity for further training in the field of project management. After consultation with my supervisor I was able to attend this training course with ep's support. 

Through the training I've learned and successfully implemented a number of new ideas and tools for my daily work. This year I will attend the advanced project management course to get yet another step closer to my goal. 

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