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Interested in starting your professional career with ep?

Have you successfully completed your studies? Are you looking to start a practical career directly? Then you've come to the right place! True to our motto "ep. empowering people." we offer graduates the best career-entry opportunities. We'll help you flourish with an exciting workload and an appropriate level of responsibility. At the same time, the ep training programme helps you strengthen your skills and talents in a targeted manner. 

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Our benefits

Our self-image in six icons. You'll work for us on-site at one of our customers or in one of the ep Competence Centres. You'll enjoy benefits in at least six areas – whether you're a beginner, young professional or established professional
ep Family

– We are a medium-sized family business and damn proud of it!
SMEs are the backbone of the German economy and what make us so successful. Long-term commitment, deep roots at the locations and a sustainable strategy are part of the essence of our family business. In this way, we secure a fair workplace for you in the long term.

Your choice

– Wide range of projects as required

When starting a career, it can be difficult to find the perfect job straight away.
If you find out after a few months that you don't like the job as much as you expected, that's the first kink in your CV.
With us you can try out various projects in different companies with just one employer. Have you found the perfect project straight away?
Even better!

Vitamin ep

– we are your vitamin C (as in Contacts) to the best companies
We pave your way to the hottest projects, the best departments and the most attractive companies. Together we plan your career and take the most important steps towards your professional success story.

Party hard

– legendary events with your ep family
You will definitely not be bored at our ep events. Hold legendary parties with your colleagues. Casino at the Christmas party? Summer parties with your family? After-work parties in your city? You’re never alone here!

Safety first

- the open-ended employment contract for you
You need financial planning for you and your family. Of course you need a secure job. We offer you an open-ended employment contract so that you have the security your life needs.

Golden oldie

– we secure your standard of living in old age
Your pension is safe. With our above-average company pension scheme, we offer you a strong building block to provide for you in retirement.

Work as you want

– Work as it suits you, completely flexibly
A lot happens in your life, your job adapts to this. Our wide variety of clients and projects allows for flexible working hours, working from home and remote work. Just the way you need it!

Healthy and active

– Your personal fitness allowance
You do sport, travel the world, have unique experiences. The basis for this is your health and that is what we focus on. We sponsor your fitness with a monthly allowance for your fitness studio membership.

Next Level

– customised further training programme
You have big goals for your career, want to learn new things and develop further. Take the next steps and reach the next level with € 2,000 training credit per year!

Get on board (smoothly)

– the first step is the hardest, but not at ep
Intensive on-boarding ensures your successful start at ep and in your project. Intensive This way starting your new job is easier than riding a bike.

ep. empowering people.

Interested in making ep part of your future?

  • Direct start in real-world practice 
  • Development opportunities in line with your personal needs via tailored professional development  
  • Unique partnerships based on support from our experienced mentors 
  • Successful projects with exciting tasks  
  • Open-ended contracts and maximum job security 
  • Truly diverse opportunities thanks to a large number of industries and customers 
  • Attractive working conditions 
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Streitheimer Str. 22
86477 Adelsried
Fon: +49 8294 51138-0
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Am Borsigturm 33
13507 Berlin
Fon: +49 30 4366038-400
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Otto-Lilienthal-Straße 27
28199 Bremen
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Söflinger Straße 70
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Otto-Lilienthal-Str. 4
88046 Friedrichshafen
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20354 Hamburg
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Sachsstr. 16
85080 Gaimersheim
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An der RaumFabrik 29
76227 Karlsruhe
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Söflinger Straße 70
89077 Ulm
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Karl-Ludwig-Str. 23
68165 Mannheim
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Leopoldstr. 254
80807 München
Fon: +49 89 35899088-514
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Südwestpark 60
90449 Nürnberg
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Hofer Str. 11
93057 Regensburg
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Magellanstraße 1
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