Mentor programme

Your mentors in our team

People you can trust as equal partners

The ep mentors form a cross-location network – they are your confidants, your equals and your colleagues. New ep employees will be contacted by the mentor located closest to them. 

Our mentors... 

  • serve as a point of contact and support their colleagues during onboarding  
  • see themselves as confidants when it comes to ep and your daily work, without being supervisors 
  • understand our project work and therefore the experience of working in two professional teams 
  • initiate after-works activities, help you find your feet at ep events and sometimes even meet you for a chat after work 
Tobias Beuttel, development engineer and test engineer, Böblingen

Tobias Beuttel, development engineer and test engineer, Böblingen

The personal values of our mentors

Openness, trust, discretion and neutrality – these values are particularly important to me as an ep mentor.

Our mentor programme provides trustworthy, neutral contacts for matters that you do not wish to (or cannot) discuss with your immediate colleagues or supervisors.  
I'm an ep mentor because I like to have contact with new colleagues and share my experience, and I'm always ready to lend an ear to others. 
As a mentor, openness, trust, discretion and neutrality are particularly important to me. 
I enjoy helping others... 
...with important (and not-so-important) questions about organisational matters – I have already acquired several years of experience at ep and in customer service. cases of unclear responsibilities, or directing people to the right point of contact for more complex issues. cases involving interpersonal difficulties or conflicts – I approach my colleagues empathetically. As a neutral confidant I can bring a different perspective to certain situations. 

Mathias Grabe, CAD designer, Berlin

Mathias Grabe, CAD designer, Berlin

Sharing positive experiences

I had a great mentor at my side – now I want to pass on my positive experiences with ep.

I'm an ep mentor because I had a great mentor myself who took good care of me. I always had very good conversations with him, especially at the after-work meet-ups. This great interaction really helped me to find my feet at ep. As a mentor, personal contact with the new employees is particularly important to me, because I want to pass on my own positive experiences with the mentor programme. In particular, I want to provide support for operational processes and interpersonal issues, because I see this as the greatest added value for new employees. 

Matthias Wolter, vehicle construction technician, Ulm

Matthias Wolter, vehicle construction technician, Ulm

Dependable contacts who treat you as an equal

No matter whether you're dealing with teething problems or other issues, as a mentor I'm always here to support you.

A mentor is a contact who treats you as an equal, helps you find your feet sooner and is available to help out with any teething problems or other issues. 
New job, new home, far away from your family. That's why the ep mentor programme was established – and why I like being a part of it. 

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