Quality assurance at ContiTech: Sleiman Khalil

Quality assurance at ContiTech

Sleiman Khalil holds a master's degree in engineering and works in quality assurance at ContiTech, Hoppegarten. On behalf of engineering people, he contributes to the flawless quality of ContiTech line systems for industrial and agricultural vehicles.

At the start of the project in summer 2018, Sleiman Khalil's core task is incoming goods inspections. He checks goods documents and the suppliers' sample test reports, and also carries out random sampling on the delivered parts. For the latter, he determines the type and number of parts to be tested in accordance with a defined procedure and removes the corresponding samples directly at goods receipt. The associated processes usually take place at his workplace, where the ep employee assigns sample numbers and posts them as data records in the SAP system. 

He checks the quality of each sample via visual inspection or remeasurement against the specification and stores the results in the system. "At ContiTech, I was quickly able to expand my SAP knowledge for specific applications," explains Sleiman Khalil. "I received intensive training during my induction phase. Besides, we work as a team, so we all help each other." If the quality is correct, he issues the release for use of the parts in production. If the samples are faulty, a 100% inspection takes place and Sleiman Khalil initiates a complaint procedure with the supplier. He reports the defects, dispatches the parts and clarifies the details of the replacement delivery in coordination with ContiTech's production department. 

Sleiman Khalil has also been processing customer complaints for six months. First, he creates the complaint as a quality notification in the system. As soon as the part is on site, he inspects it on the "fault table" together with colleagues from the design and/or production team and decides whether the complaint is justified or should be rejected. "In the first instance I clarify whether a replacement is required or whether we will have the parts repaired. This is done by external service providers in order not to overburden our internal processes. If the complaint is not accepted, I discuss this with the customer. Naturally, a certain amount of tact is required here!" 

In the case of justified complaints, Sleiman Khalil works with his specialist colleagues to identify the cause of – and solution to – the problem. Whether they are dealing with hoses, housings, couplings, plugs or fittings, all components of the polyamide pipelines are designed to withstand high loads and ensure safe functioning. In case of systemic faults, optimisation measures are initiated in parallel with ContiTech customer service. Sleiman Khalil also schedules a meeting with Andreas Jänsch, head of quality assurance, and with the relevant colleagues. 
This also applies if a complaint has a high priority or in case of repeated complaints. 

"I like the close, targeted communication," says Sleiman Khalil. "Troubleshooting is always also a learning process from which we benefit across all products." The basis for this sustainable quality assurance is the 8D Report, which is used throughout the Group. Among other things, it ensures that nothing is swept under the carpet and that everything is clearly documented by means of suitable teams, including a clear definition of the problem, immediate measures and clarification of the causes, as well as remedial measures and the corresponding safeguards. "At ContiTech, a structured and responsible work ethic is required," says our ep colleague. "And punctuality – of course!" 

About ContiTech 
ContiTech supplies precision line systems for controlled use of fuel, water, gas, air and oil in engines – individually adapted to the vehicle type. Its customers benefit from Conti AG's general expertise in rubber and plastics of as well as its intensive fundamental physical-chemical research. This results in carefully tested products that comply with uniform, global quality standards. 


Taken from ep Magazine #18 (11/2019)
Text: Annette Schlenker
Pictures: Tobias Kleinod


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