Project development under real-world conditions: ep partners up with HBC

Studenten der Hochschule Biberach mit Winfried Keppler

Could win the project development competition for themselves: The winning group from the course in Business Administration Construction and Real Estate with Professors Norbert Geiger (left) and Marcus Kollmann (right) and ep founder Winfried Keppler (far

HBC students develop real-estate concept for engineering people

Innovative partnership between ep and HBC

How can inner-city real estate be sensibly developed and used? Students at Biberach University of Applied Sciences (HBC) deal with this question every semester as part of their practical study on the topic of project development. For the first time, Söflinger Straße 70 in Ulm, the headquarters of the engineering and IT service provider engineering people, was used to develop a property under real-world conditions. Six groups comprised of four to six students from the Business Administration (Construction and Real Estate) course then presented their results to company representatives and their supervising professors. 

The teams had been informed of the requirements during a site visit in November. For entrepreneurial couple Birgit and Winfried Keppler, developing a sustainable concept is especially important: "We want the location to be designed and used on a long-term and sustainable basis, taking into account its special location on the main thoroughfare through Ulm." The professional requirements set out by the supervising professors, Marcus Kollmann and Norbert Geiger, were also especially challenging: "We hope to see concepts that meet all the technical requirements and at the same time satisfy the owner's wishes." 

Following the presentation, the best concept was awarded a prize by the company. Stefan Vögel, authorised signatory and head of operations at engineering people, presented the gifts to the winning group, consisting of Yannick Kast, Anja Lederer, Tobias Knoll and Julian Rothdach. "All the teams presented excellent concepts, our decision really wasn't easy," said Vögel at the award ceremony. The winning concept impressed the company thanks to the perfectly coordinated elements in the design. In addition to a detailed micro and macro location analysis, which included an evaluation of the current market for commercial and residential property in Ulm, the concept also contained ideas and visualisations for a new building development. In addition, the student's work included elaborate financing and profitability models as well as an extensive tax assessment. 

The project work submitted by the students of the Bachelor of Business Administration (Construction and Real Estate) focused on the practical application of their knowledge, which they had acquired via lectures and projects during the previous semesters. In order to successfully evaluate the required location analysis, real-estate concept, financing information as well as the profitability of the project, the students had to draw on their knowledge in diverse fields, such as project management, business administration and taxes as well as construction and planning law. 

About ep: 
The owner-managed engineering people group, based in Ulm, is an engineering and IT partner for high-calibre industrial companies, and a career partner for its workforce of over 500 employees. ep's experts deliver solutions from the initial idea through to the production phase – including development and design, software and testing, IT and documentation/CE. They are active in almost all industrial sectors and especially so in mechanical, automotive and electrical engineering. 

About the university: 
Biotechnology, energy, construction and real estate: these areas are the primary focus for study, further education, research and transfer at Biberach University of Applied Sciences (HBC). As a university of applied sciences, HBC offers diverse and modern bachelor and masters programmes, which are complemented by future-focused research and transfer projects. Around 2,500 young people are enrolled in study courses at HBC's faculties of architecture and energy engineering, civil engineering and project management, business administration and biotechnology.  

Text: Michael Spanner


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