Passionate about environmental and energy technology: Eva-Maria Dichtl

Ingenieurin Eva-Maria Dichtl

Passionate about environmental and energy technology: Eva-Maria Dichtl

Eva-Maria Dichtl is fascinated by the prospect of using intelligent technology to solve two environmental problems at once.

Waste to Energy – an incredibly exciting prospect for a society that both produces a lot of waste and needs a lot of energy! 

This concept inspired the masters graduate in energy and process technology to join Martin GmbH für Umwelt- und Energietechnik in Munich – via ep – after completing her studies. She works there as a project engineer in technical order processing in the planning and implementation of waste incineration power plants. "We use waste as fuel and obtain district heat and electricity directly from the incineration process." 

Eva-Maria Dichtl is currently working on tenders for combustion air system components for two plants. These systems are an essential component of the combustion grate, which is one of the company's core competencies. As a project engineer her work focuses on pre-heaters, blowers and combustion air ducts, among other things. She advises the specialist departments about the required technical specifications for the components and also extracts relevant information from 3D models. Once the tenders have been received, it is necessary to evaluate them from a technical viewpoint and make recommendations. When she first started her job, she had enough time to read up about the various systems. "The processes and power plants are very complex. The combustion process must run optimally and numerous influencing factors such as the air supply must be precisely controlled." 

At Martin, the entire design of the combustion grate at the core of the plant is focused – from a process-engineering perspective – on the interplay of key elements, such as the steam boiler, waste gas purification system, turbine or generator, as well as the electrical and control technology. "We manage the planning and process-engineering design of the plants, act as the engineering partner and batch supplier and, if requested, coordinate all processes as the general contractor," explains Thomas Dengel, head of order processing and Eva-Maria Dichtl's line manager. "More than 780 waste incineration lines worldwide use combustion grates from Martin." 

Eva-Maria Dichtl appreciates her uncomplicated working relationship with Martin, and above all the technological challenge. "Heat recovery, waste gas purification, even more efficient use of our raw material waste – we're working on extremely useful solutions for today and tomorrow. The Martin company is known for its innovative strength, with a large R&D department constantly working on new solutions across the entire process environment." She also likes the communication aspect of her job when it comes to coordinating customer requirements and tenders as part of a team, which consists of project engineers from other trades as well as the internal specialist departments. "In the end, the focus is always on managing a multi-faceted system. And it only works optimally if all factors interact in the best possible way!" 

Extract from the ep magazine #18 (11/2019) 
Text: Annette Schlenker 


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