A feel for robots and PLC: Isabel Kramlich

Roboterprogrammiererin Isabel Kramlich bei SPS

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Isabel Kramlich at BOA

As a robot programmer with PLC expertise, Isabel Kramlich complements the BOA team perfectly.

Sometimes the moment counts. During a visit to the BOA Group in May, Anja Lohre, Account Manager at ep Stuttgart, takes a walk through the company's production hall with HR Manager Norbert Rößler, past numerous robots. She speaks to him about a possible need in the field of robot programming. Would there be any interest in employing an ep expert here? 

Her “trump card” in this case is Isabel Kramlich, an experienced mechatronics engineer with PLC expertise whose profile fits BOA perfectly. The customer is open-minded. A joint discussion is followed by the start of the project in Stutengarten and  because everything is going well  Isabel Kramlich's second farewell* from engineering people already in autumn. We wish her every success with the BOA Group and are pleased to have recommended the right colleague for the customer’s future plans in highly flexible robot-assisted production.

Isabel Kramlich at BOA 

As a robot programmer with PLC expertise, Isabel Kramlich perfectly complements the BOA team on site. She not only brings skills and a wealth of practical experience with her, but also a feeling for ideal process support by robots. And she pursues a clear goal in her work. “Robot programming must be oriented towards the user, not the programmer!” In other words, the programming recommendations in the robot manuals are okay, in her opinion, but to support processes as well as possible you need your own know-how. “I prefer to get the most out of a robot with a few more clicks during programming than to spare myself these clicks” says the expert. “In addition, the program and PLC must harmonise, starting with the specifications.” 

BOA has all the prerequisites for this. Isabel Kramlich shares the office with her PLC colleague and so the distances are conceivably short. The new strategy of the BOA Group with the goal of very fast, precise and at the same time highly flexible robot-supported production is an exciting challenge for both of them. 

Currently, the aim is to develop a uniform basic framework for programming the systems in coordination with the PLC. For this purpose, the current function of all robots is being analysed. The new programs are created with the involvement of the users. “For example, we ask: 'Which errors are noticeable in practice? What are the requirements for the new programming?' It is also important to us that the new programs have few 'nesting levels'  we want to create a clear, easy-to-use and adaptable work situation,” explains Isabel Kramlich. Based on the analysis data, a sample system is to be programmed, further optimisation is to be carried out step by step, adapted to production planning: “We can implement this quite flexibly!” 


Robot specialist Isabel Kramlich was already featured in ep magazine #9 (spring 2015). During this time she programmes and animates the gripping systems of robots for a customer of ep Bremen and adapts them to the process before their use in China. Then she goes to the customer, but returns to Southern Germany in 2017 and, because she likes ep, knocks on our door again. In 2018 she starts at the Karlsruhe site, where she initially programs robots for a compressor manufacturer. When she develops an allergy to the adhesives used there, she switches to the BOA Group under contract from ep  and a second time to the customer. 


From ep magazine #18 (11/2019)
Text: Annette Dodge
Photos: Christian Ernst 



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