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Energie aus Turbinen

"For me, energy from turbines is a cornerstone of modern civilization – it's just incredibly exciting!"

David Neubauer

Currently, two ep colleagues from ep Berlin work in David Neubauer's team. As a master's graduate in mechanical engineering, he believes his job is tailor-made for him. Even during his studies, gas turbines and aerospace were among David's fields of expertise. "After completing my research in those areas, I immediately started putting theory into practice at a high level at AneCom AeroTest," says David Neubauer. In addition to component and instrumentation concept drawings, he also takes care of technical designs. "I also like the way things work in the company: there is real teamwork in a collegial and relaxed environment." David is currently preparing concept sketches for a turbine housing. "For me, energy from turbines is a cornerstone of modern civilization – it's just incredibly exciting!" 
His colleague at ep, Vignesh Ankolekar, a master's graduate in production systems engineering, feels the same way. Like David Neubauer, he started out with a sound knowledge of gas turbines. "Here at AneCom AeroTest we work on drives which push the limits of performance while ensuring a high degree of safety. I'm fascinated by the associated design concepts, and at the same time we take care of the documentation. The latter provides an indispensable source of information for development work in technical grey areas." This is especially true when measurements are not feasible. In such cases, the experts estimate the risks involved and, if necessary, recommend redundancies. "We always keep the whole process in view!"

With four test rigs, the specialist for engine and gas turbine technology supports the construction of aircraft engines and industrial gas turbines that are as quiet and highly effective as possible.

The demands on measurement technology and its integration in design are complex. “Rotating components require wireless transmission of the measured values, and cables on static structures often have to be laid through the flow channel to the outside,” explains Christoph Schulz, Team Leader of Instrumentation Design. In addition, vibrations, oil and high temperatures in real operation play a major role. And when installing the telemetry units, the available installation space often becomes a bottleneck factor. The number of potential measuring points is limited. For example, to install a telemetry unit in a turbine, a large part of the components must be removed and possibly replaced by specially designed support structures. “Depending on real environmental factors and objectives, we adapt the prototype to be tested. In doing so, we ensure the greatest possible proximity to production in order to achieve valid results.” 

When acquiring experts for the demanding tasks, AneCom AeroTest successfully cooperates with engineering people. Christoph Schulz: “ep Berlin finds suitable experts for us, who first start in the area of drawing generation and then move on to tasks in modelling and the development of own design projects for the realisation of tests.” 


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