Double success at the RoboCup

feiernde Mannschaft B-Human aus Bremen

Double success at the RoboCup


Teams sponsored by ep cleaned up at the world cup in Sydney! 
B-Human from Bremen won the world championship in the RoboCup's Standard Platform League and also won the mixed tournament together with Berlin United. Both teams have been supported by engineering people for two years. 

B-Human secures a seventh world title 
The newly crowned world champions, B-Human from Bremen, secured a 2:1 victory in the final of the Standard Platform League against the 2018 world champions, Nao Team HTWK. This victory had been made possible thanks to a rampage through every preceding round of the tournament. In the group matches as well as in the quarter and semi-finals, B-Human won every match without conceding a single goal. At the end of the tournament the statistics speak for themselves and show how brilliantly the title was won: 7 wins in 7 games and a goal difference of 46:1! For the team from the University of Bremen and DFKI (German Research Centre for Artificial Intelligence) this latest success brings them their seventh world championship. This achievement was made possible thanks to the very latest software development methods, such as deep learning.  

Unlucky coin toss for Berlin United 
The other team backed by ep also got off to a promising start in the competition. They finished in second place in both the first and second group stage. In the following play-off for the quarter finals their tournament came to an end against the Bembelbots. Since there was no winner in the match itself or in the subsequent penalty shoot-out, as per the rules the match was decided by coin toss, which the Berlin team unfortunately lost. It was as close as it gets! 

Joint triumph in the mixed tournament 
In parallel to the main SPL tournament at the RoboCup, a mixed tournament took place, in which two different teams partnered up to form a single, joint team. Accordingly, B-Human and Berlin United threw their lots in together and formed the team B&B. And with great success – after recording four wins and one draw, they once again made it through to the final. After a very exciting and close-fought game, the duo won 3:2 and can be proud of their victory in this prestigious competition.  

Congratulations from the whole ep team to both teams for their fantastic performance at the RoboCup and their excellent

Pictures: B-Human


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