Uncompromising quality

Quality in all areas

Achieving maximum quality in all areas is a top priority for ep. Whether you are a customer, employee or applicant, you can rely on us 100 per cent. To ensure we can live up to this promise, we have established an independently certified ep quality management (QM) system, which is precisely tailored to the needs of our customers, employees and applicants. 

Our quality standards

Certified, independent, precise – ep stands for an all-embracing quality standard that is tailored to the unique demands and needs of each target group.
High standards since day one

Ever since our foundation, uncompromising quality has always been the top priority at engineering people. For example, the corresponding certification was acquired in 2006, just three years after ep was established. A big and important step for (at the time) a small company. Since then, our quality management system has continuously grown along with us and has been expanded several times. Our QM department is therefore directly linked to our management board and is ably managed by Melania Testa. 

Clearly defined processes

All process steps are listed and described in detail in the ep QM handbook. Whether for new colleagues or old hands, these clearly defined work steps guarantee consistently high quality along the entire process chain. No matter whether you are in regular contact with our Berlin or Munich location, you will always receive the latest information and up-to-date documents. The QM handbook is an important tool for our daily business and serves as the basis for collaborative working between our various teams at different locations. 

Our quality: uncompromisingly excellent

As a customer, whether you're looking for highly qualified experts for your project or outsourcing entire sub-projects to our competence centres – or even planning your career at ep as an applicant – one aspect never changes: you have clear expectations of us and the quality of our work. And we constantly verify our own ability to deliver – via audits, acceptance protocols and customer satisfaction studies.  

Certified quality management

To ensure our quality management system is transparent for you, we had it certified by EQ-Zert in accordance with DIN ISO 9001:2015. This certification must be renewed every three years and is also subject to annual surveillance audits by the certification body. In addition, we review our current compliance with the standards via regular internal audits to prevent any weaknesses from arising in the first place. In combination, these measures result in seamless control of our processes and quality management systems.  

Melania Testa, Head of Quality Management

Melania Testa

Head of Quality Management

"The quality standards of our customers and applicants are extremely high, and rightly so. Our quality management system ensures we have the right answers and that all processes and documents are uniform and up to date, whether in the far north at our Bremen location or in the deep south in Friedrichshafen."  

The standard: DIN ISO 9001:2015

The standard serves as the benchmark for all our quality management activities. We also use it to regulate and standardise our process flows, specify the respective responsibilities and define our internal and external information flows. It is therefore an indispensable management tool and control element for the engineering people group. 

Iso Zertifizierung
Iso Zertifizierung
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Competence Center

ep Blog

Stay in the loop – our blog will keep you up to date about the latest topics, trends and news from ep.

Initiate development: Margit Kubale

Margit Kubale has a lot to say about her professional milestones and her career in a supposedly “male domain”. Her mother is passionate about her work and describes herself not as courageous but as open-minded and hands-on.

A feel for robots and PLC: Isabel Kramlich

Isabel Kramlich is a real specialist in robots. With the right programming, she brings the helpful machines of our customer BOA Group to life, thus enabling highly flexible robot-assisted production.

Project development under real-world conditions: ep partners up with HBC

In collaboration with engineering people, students at Biberach University of Applied Sciences (HBC) were given the opportunity to plan a real-estate development under real-world conditions – a novel approach to this practical course of study.

Passionate about environmental and energy technology: Eva-Maria Dichtl

Solving two environmental problems at once with intelligent technology is truly fascinating...

Quality assurance at ContiTech: Sleiman Khalil

Quality assurance is a key element in the production of pipe systems for industrial and agricultural vehicles. Any defects could have catastrophic consequences, both for people and the environment. Read our article and discover how ep's Sleiman Khalil ensures outstanding quality at ContiTech.

The big ep Advent competition

ep is giving away fantastic prizes every week until Christmas! As always, the competition starts on Advent Sunday. In the first week's draw we are giving away a model kit for a fuel-cell car. There are lots more great prizes to win!

Junior Rallye BW

Tenth place overall and ranked first in class at the ADAC Junior Rallye BW near Heidenheim – an excellent end to the season for the team backed by ep: STS Motorsport with driver Steffen Schmid and co-driver Sabrina Türk.

Our summer party 2019

Unusual events were reported in Ulm last Saturday – hundreds of ep personnel with their families and friends were seen cavorting on our company premises around lunchtime. The car park was also transformed beyond all recognition!

Double success at the RoboCup

Teams supported by ep triumphed at the world championship in Sydney! B-Human from Bremen won the world championship in the RoboCup's Standard Platform League, and also emerged victorious in the mixed tournament alongside Berlin United. Both teams have been supported by engineering people for two years.


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