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Driven by our passion for technology and innovation, we execute and support challenging development and construction projects. In addition, we support young professionals who share our passion and engineering spirit. 

We also show our dedication in the area of social commitment – by assuming social responsibility and supporting local projects.  

Social and cultural commitment

Scholarship grant

We support high-performing and committed students on their educational journey, establish early contacts with the skilled workers of tomorrow and invest in the future of Germany as a business location. Deutschlandstipendium grants are awarded not only for outstanding achievement but also for strong social commitment. As sponsors, the latter is a decisive factor in terms of our social responsibility.  

Winfried Keppler, Managing Director of the ep group about the Germany Scholarship

With the Germany Scholarship, we support high-performing, committed students on their educational path, establish early contacts with the skilled workers of tomorrow and invest in the future of Germany as a business location. We support young talents in developing their potential and accompany them step by step on their way to a successful future. Our Germany Scholarship holders are distinguished by outstanding performance and social commitment. These are decisive factors for us as sponsors  also with regard to our social responsibility. 

Social and cultural commitment


In addition to promoting education, ep undertakes social commitments at many of our branch offices – we proactively support our community. 

A good example is the ep Lebenshilfe network. This allows us to engage with people with disabilities and pursue joint activities, such as the annual Ulm Einstein Marathon. In addition, ep also contributes to the financing of larger purchases and activities. 

We also continue to support the Förderkreis für tumor- und leukämiekranke Kinder e.V. This children and youth hospice service in Ulm received a donation of EUR 15,000 from us in 2018. It carries out preventive work and helps children to cope with their grief; the organisation also offers grief counselling for children and young people. 


Formula Student Germany

Formula Student is an international design competition for students. The teams are tasked with designing and building a single-seater formula car with an electric or combustion engine, with the goal of developing a roadworthy prototype to compete against teams from all over the world. Optionally, the teams can also add autonomous functionality to their vehicles in order to qualify for the new Formula Student Driverless competition. The team with the best overall package in terms of design, financial planning, sales argumentation and race performance will emerge as the winner of this annual competition.  

For several years the engineering people group has supported two ambitious teams:  




Paradise for fans of robots: new technologies in the field of robotics have prepared the ground for the RoboCup, currently the world's leading and largest competition for intelligent robots. 

The annual world championships for soccer-playing robots have been held since 1997. In the early years, the little robots moved rather chaotically and awkwardly on the playing field. Today, however, they are talented football players thanks to plenty of research, development and hard work! Besides football, the teams compete in other disciplines and leagues. 

The field of robotics influences developments in artificial intelligence and Industry 4.0, and is an ideal arena in which to foster young talent in technical fields. Technology inspires – especially when you experience it first-hand. 

For the second year in a row, the engineering people group is supporting two teams from the major league for students, researchers and scientists, whose robots play soccer autonomously in the Standard Platform League (SPL). A complex task, because the team with the best algorithms will ultimately score the most goals. The robot game is slowly closing the gap to human football. For this reason, the rules are adapted annually with increasing demands on the software.  

For several years now, engineering people has provided backing for the teams Berlin United from Berlin and B-Human from Bremen. Both teams have won multiple titles during this period. 


STS Motorsport

Motorsport inspires... STS Motorsport stands for roaring engines, hot tyres and plenty of horsepower under the bonnet! Since 2019, engineering people has been a staunch partner for racing driver Steffen Schmid and his entire rally team. With their DMACK Citroen C2R2max they bring top speed and plenty of action to the rally tracks of the world. 


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